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Hi, my name is Jacqueline and these are the programs I personally use and they are FANTASTIC! Are you clicking for .0001 or just points?  If you really want to make money viewing ads online, these are the programs to join.  If you can spare a few minutes a day, you can earn extra money online. Refer others and earn even more!

In the screenshot below, you can see an example of earnings in one of my programs, Hits4Pay. Note how many emails, or ads, I viewed, and how many were viewed by others...for a very nice cash out! I wish my first level would see the enormous potential and promote the programs so they can earn more money and cash out even faster!

Be sure to read the check marked tips below to help you get started and make the most of these paid to view ads programs.

Just click on each banner to join and review the instructions at each site.

#1 Hits4Pay - Available Internationally

#2 DealsNCash - USA, Canada, UK

#3 ClixSense - Available Internationally

Information and Tips for Getting Started

High earnings per ad viewed. Hits4Pay is the premium site at .02 cents per view! DealsNCash offer ads at up to .05 (majority for .01), and ClixSense offers .01 and less (also tasks and surveys).
Longevity. These sites have been operating, and paying, for many years, Hits4Pay and DealsNCash since 2001! ClixSense has been in operation since 2007! These are trusted, paying sites. Don't get taken in by new sites that may suddenly shut down - and take your hard earned money with them.
Earn a $5 Bonus Just for Joining!  Hits4Pay and DealsNCash both offer this incredible promotion to help you reach your first payout even faster.
True Residual Earnings. Promote these sites and build a referral base (Hits4Pay will even help you do that for a low price) to earn residually.  Unlike some sites that force you to click in order to earn from your referrals, these do not! So, don't worry about clicking ads on vacation - you won't lose any earnings! Check the rules to see how often you need to log in and view ads to remain active. I believe it is every 6 months for the first 2, and every 90 days for the 3rd, but confirm that. Take a few weeks off, if you like! If you are committed to building a referral base and cannot click daily, these are the programs to join!
Your referrals are YOUR referrals! No renting or anything like that. Promote, recruit and they are your referrals.  Even if they stop clicking for a while - and then come back on using the same account - you will continue to earn from them!
Earn on multiple levels. This is where the income potential really takes off! On Hits4Pay, you will earn 2 cents for ads you view, then 1 cent on TWO referral levels. Can you see the potential in that? DealsNCash offers 1 referral level at .01 cents, and ClixSense has a deeper structure and great potential for residual income as well, with a lower threshold to cash out.
Start Promoting Right Away! Start telling others to build your referral base quickly. Tell your friends, use Facebook or Twitter, forums, free traffic exchanges or classifieds, even a free blog. Don't forget you can promote offline too with flyers or handouts. Many people are searching for extra ways to earn money, and may be surprised they can actually get paid to view ads online. Most everyone has a computer or laptop and can spare a few minutes a day. 


Each of these sites provide free banners to help you promote online, along with other promotional materials.
Just click on each banner above to sign up and get started today making money viewing ads!



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